The “Dirty Politician” Bailout Fund Worth $800 Billion

Thanks to a former Social Security Commissioner, we now know…

A select group of D.C. elites have been accessing a $800 billion private retirement fund—one that pays up to $11,334 every month, for life, no matter what.

The list of disgraced politicians who have benefited is appalling. (Details here.)

Duke Cunningham, for example, was a member of the House of Representatives. He also represents everything wrong with American politics. Bribery, tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud… Duke did it all.

Finally, justice was served. But throughout his eight-year sentence, “Washington's Private Pension Plan” continued to pay him $42,000 annually.

Congressman William Jefferson’s corruption also knew no bounds. He was raking in so much dirty money, feds found part of his hoard in his freezer, stashed away in boxes of pie crusts.

Yet even the Feds couldn’t confiscate “Private Pension” benefits. We estimate they were worth $674,000 over the course of his jail time.

You see, benefits from this $800 billion fund are set in stone.

Once you begin collecting, nothing can take them away from you.

Not if a financial crisis like 2008 strikes… not if the threat of a government shutdown looms large… not even if you’re locked away in prison!

So, it’s no surprise the New York Times says Congressmen “shy away from talking about” this alternative. Or that it’s “shrouded in secrecy,” as the Des Moines Register reports.

While the government has tried to forbid the public, by law, from accessing this incredible income source…

There is a loophole that makes it astonishingly simple for private citizens to claim a piece…

It doesn’t matter if you’re retired or still working… whether you already claim retirement or social security checks… chances are, this strategy could greatly augment your retirement.

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