This Little Known “SF 2801” Form Could Unlock The Retirement of Your Dreams

If you collect, or will soon collect Social Security, this developing story deserves your full and immediate attention.

Thanks to a former Social Security Commissioner, we now know…

A select group of D.C. elites do NOT collect Social Security. Instead, 351 Congressmen and thousands of insiders have access to a secret alternative—one that pays up to $11,334 every month, for life.

That’s 10 times MORE than the average Social Security check…

And they’ve forbidden the public, by law, from accessing this incredible income source.

This has nothing to do with ordinary Social Security. D.C.’s alternative is different and far superior in every way.

As one insider put it:

“This is Social Security on steroids.”

It’s no wonder the New York Times says Congressmen “shy away from talking about” this alternative. Or that it’s “shrouded in secrecy,” as the Des Moines Register reports.

D.C.’s ultra-lucrative “Immediate Retirement Fund” isn't intended for you, but now legendary former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari is showing thousands of American seniors how to take advantage of a “back door.”

Like Dave Clark, who simply went online. Selected the “Immediate Retirement Fund” that best fit his personal situation. Then started collecting payments by making one investment.

Today, Dave’s set himself up to collect $100,000 a year…

For the rest of his life, guaranteed!

That means $8,333 will be deposited in his bank account every month, month after month, with no end in sight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re retired or still working… whether you already claim retirement or Social Security checks… chances are, this strategy could greatly augment your retirement.

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