CBD Extractors Are Disrupting the Cannabis Sector — Here’s How to Profit

CBD is on the move

Marijuana stocks are easing lower, but don’t panic.

A lot of that is profit-taking. These stocks ripped higher. Readers of our Real Wealth Strategist newsletter just took half a position that was up nearly 150% in only seven months.

A lack of news and the slow grind of legalization contributed to this decline.

However, there is a subsector within the cannabis industry that’s on the rise. And we think that’s the next place for a big gain in this industry.

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You see, this small group of companies holds the key to the future of marijuana.

Here’s a look at the role they play and how we could cash in double- or triple-digit gains over the next few months.


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Cannabis extractors are specialists in the marijuana industry.

They pull THC and CBD from the cannabis plant with pharmaceutical precision. They find these components in the bud, trim — leaves trimmed off of the bud — and stems of the cannabis plant.

The main difference between the two is that CBD doesn’t generate the “high” feeling that THC gives its consumers.

The crude cannabis oil is super concentrated. One pound can sell for nearly $35,000! Per ounce, that is more valuable than gold.

And this crude oil can be refined into other products. The oil for vape pens, gel capsules, edibles and even drinks can all be made from these derivatives.

These products are attractive to an increasingly health-conscious consumer base. And we have yet to see the full potential of this market.

According to GMP Securities, a Canadian investment bank, these extracts represented 13% of total sales in the fourth quarter of 2018. But that’s because only sales of gel capsules are legal.

Beginning in October, Canada will roll out legalization for all of these products. Drinks will be the last to get the green light in December.

And GMP Securities estimates that marijuana extracts and derivatives will make up 50% of the market in the years to come.

Canada estimates that about 10% of adults use cannabis on a regular basis, while about 80% of Canadians drink alcohol. Infused edibles, and eventually drinks, will tap into this broader market. For the full story visit banyanhill.com.

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