Buffett vs. Robinhood Investors: Which Side Will Win?

Warren Buffett just dumped billions of shares, and Robinhood investors bought them. Here’s how’s right…

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There was a big surprise at the recent Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

Company Chairman Warren Buffett was unenthusiastic. He said the future is bright, but he didn’t sound upbeat about the near term.

He’s worried about the current crisis. That’s different than his attitude in 2008.

He was excited about stocks then. He even shared his view in The New York Times in a piece titled: “Buy American. I Am.”

While his words are important, as always with Buffett, we learn more from his actions. Probably the most significant action to consider is his recent inaction.

Buffett controlled $137 billion in cash at the end of March, $10 billion more than he had at the beginning of the quarter.

As stocks fell, Buffett didn’t buy. He was selling.

We know some of the shares he sold ended up in accounts at Robinhood. It’s a no-commissions broker that’s a favorite of millennials.

Investors need to ask: Would you rather follow Buffett or the individual investors at Robinhood?

This question offers insight into the current market rally…

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