Biotech Is Leading the $8 Billion IPO Surge

Biotech IPOs are on a roll, with 2019 shaping up to be a record-breaking year.

Tech IPOs have seized headlines this year — with companies like Uber, Pinterest, Zoom, Slack and Beyond Meat getting all the attention (with varying degrees of success).

But a new analysis out this week shows that, behind the big headlines, biotech companies that are tapping next-generation therapies have been “super-performers.”

These companies are developing gene-based drugs, immunotherapies and other patient-tailored treatments. This is the beginning of a huge shift in medicine. It’s the hallmark of the “precision medicine” trend, which is replacing our outdated, one-size-fits-all health care system.

The analysis from Evercore ISI Research shows that early-stage biotech companies that have gone public since 2012 have, on average, raised more money. These have also performed better than biotech companies whose IPOs came closer to when they brought a product to market.

“This cohort of super-performers is composed of companies with ample access to capital that are new modality leaders (mainly gene therapy),” wrote Evercore’s Ravi Mehrotra and Josh Schimmer, Barron’sreports.

The best of those super-performers brought the averages for the early-stage biotech IPOs to a mean return of 64%, compared with 32% for mid-stage companies and 60% for late-stage companies, Evercore found.

So, in a year with a record number of biotech companies going public, the investment potential is, well … historic.

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2 Ways to Profit from Superstar Biotech IPOs

As the mega trend of gene-based precision medicine grows, investors have a number of ways to capitalize on it — right now.

That’s why this trend is a major focus for us at Bold Profits Daily.

One way for you to take advantage right now is through Paul Mampilly’s new IPO Speculator service. The service’s model portfolio includes a precision medicine stock that has soared 97% since Paul and IPO Speculator analyst Hudson Cashdan recommended it just a week ago.

Another way to capitalize on this year’s white-hot biotech IPO market is by adding an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to your portfolio that groups them together.

The Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO) is a basket of companies that recently went public and are listed on a U.S. exchange. The ETF holds assets of more than $30 million and is up more than 30% year to date.

If that growth trend continues, you could be looking at triple-digit gains by next year.

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