50 Billion of These Tiny Devices Will Be In Use by 2020

In a rare bipartisan effort, Congress recently passed a little-known piece of legislation known as H.R. 686 that has the power to reshape the American way of life as we know it.

The bill will help fast-track an unlikely breakthrough in materials engineering that is already being called “the greatest innovation in history,” “the future of technology,” and the breakthrough that will ignite the “second Industrial Revolution.”

In fact, partly due to the new federal assistance, experts predict that by 2020, more than 50 billion devices will utilize its tiny new technology, and the sector could create more than $19 TRILLION in wealth.

It goes without saying that early investors stand to reap tremendous rewards as its growth surges by 8,000% in the next couple years alone…

That’s why companies are rushing at breakneck speed to get in on the action right now. Cisco just invested $1.4 billion… IBM is investing $3 billion… Google is investing $3.2 billion.

And the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett has already invested a whopping $13 billion through Berkshire Hathaway.

Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Oracle, Ford, Disney, Tesla, Microsoft, Intel, Pfizer… the list goes on and on.

But it’s not just big corporations that will benefit.

Thanks to this little device, 300,000 innocent victims will get a second chance to live due to this technology, millions of seniors will have the chance to stay in their own home, instead of being forced into a nursing home, and every person who chooses to use it will gain an extra 50 minutes, each day, to relax.

And when this technology truly goes mainstream, we expect the share prices of the companies involved to go sky-high.

That’s why we’ve put together this Emergency Briefing on the one little device that’s at the forefront of this technological revolution, who makes it, and most importantly, how you can personally profit from it.

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