5 Ways to Invest in the Huge Bitcoin Boom, Safely

Bitcoin is already up over 100% this year, and it’s only getting started…

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Cryptocurrencies have been red hot in 2020. Note that the year-to-date return for bitcoin is over 100%.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is usually secured by a blockchain technology, which helps with transparency and tracking. It is also something that is not issued by a central authority. Some of the advantages of a cryptocurrency include: there is no need to deal with an intermediary like a bank; transactions can be made without disclosing your personal identify; and the fees are generally low, especially for foreign transactions.

But of course, Cryptocurrencies have notable risks. For example there is often wide swings in valuations. There are also potential issues with hacks of the underlying system, which could mean losing access to the cryptocurrency. The most famous example of this happened with the Mt. Gox implosion, which resulted in the loss of 850,000 of bitcoins.

And finally, the taxation and regulatory standards are far from settled.

So then, what are some ways to lower the risk factors when investing in cryptocurrencies?  Well, there are a variety of ways to lower your risk when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Let’s take a look…

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