5 Stocks to BUY for 5G-Powered Gains

5G is the future – and these 5 stocks could power your profits for years…

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How is it that we can send people to space, but can’t stream a video without it pausing?

Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but I have no patience for this.

If my text doesn’t send immediately, my movie takes longer than 10 minutes to load or my video chat with my family freezes … I’m ready to toss my smartphone out of the window.

Luckily, this is an America 1.0 problem.

And our 4G network is long overdue for an America 2.0 upgrade.

Enter … 5G!

5G is one of the more exciting innovations of America 2.0. (It definitely is for me!)

It’s going to move us forward at a speed we haven’t experienced before.

And 5G will leave no area of our life untouched. Not a single one.

This technology can handle more data — better and faster. The 5G market is projected to top $650 billion by 2026. It’s going to infuse more than $17 trillion into our global economy by 2035.

That means revolutionary gains are to be had for those who invest now. And I have just the way…

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This New 5G Stock Is Set to Dominate

You may have already heard of Presidential Memorandum O-2518… it's one of many reasons that 5G’s reach could soon soar by as much as 22,540% to become a $12 trillion market.

But what you might not have heard of yet is the tiny stock that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this massive move.

Even if this stock only captures a fraction of this market, you could still capture life-changing gains.

As of right now, you can still get in for under $10 a share. But I don’t expect it to be trading here for long.

This fast-moving shift to 5G Spectrum technology is already underway. And the time to take decisive action is now.

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