5 Cannabis Startups That Are Changing Everything

From cannabis-infused gin to ice cream, the legalization of marijuana in various parts of the world is opening up an entirely new industry.

Whatever your views on this recreational drug, there can be no doubt that many companies will spring up and capitalize on this new potentially lucrative opportunity.

Here are a few examples of companies who are hoping to ‘get in on the act.'

1. Green Thumb Industries Harnesses Big Data

Green Thumb Industries, or GTI for short, are a U.S.-based national marijuana cultivator, processor and dispensary company. They were founded in 2014 and have since grown to over 600 employees.

50 of their team are based in Chicago alone, which also happens to be their HQ. They use data-driven analytics to create strains of cannabis to meet their customers own unique needs.

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2. Nirvana Spirits Makes Cannabis-Infused Booze

Nirvana Spirits, a Tampa-based company, that makes cannabis-infused beverages.

“In June 2016, Dr. Ram Ramcharran had a vision. He wanted to create a craft vodka that tasted great and used the best natural ingredient on earth — cannabis,” according to Nirvana Spirits.

After years of trial and error, they have recently announced their “Touch ONE Vodka” that is described as a “clean, crisp spirit with a cannabis kick.” They also produce a cannabis-infused Gin if that's more your thing.

3. Leaf Trade Makes Delivery a Breeze

Leaf Trade, rather than cultivating and processing cannabis, has devised a platform to streamline connecting customers with dispensaries. With their platform, dispensaries can browse trending products, earn loyalty bonuses and request marketing materials and samples from producers.

It also helps consumers by helping manage delivery logistics, cross-team collaboration and fulfillment, and reporting.

4. CannaFundr Helps Cannabis-Related Startups Get Funding

CannFundr, a crowdfunding site, was specifically designed to help startups get financing for their cannabis-related business idea. At present, and for obvious reasons, more traditional routes for getting investor cash can be quite difficult.

But with CannaFundr entrepreneurs can get connected with cannabis-friendly investors to get the vital capital needed to make their idea a reality.

5. Cloud Creamery Is Churning Out Cannabis Ice Cream

Cloud Creamery, based in Brighton, Boston, has an interesting angle for getting in on the cannabis-act. They created a cannabis-infused ice cream that, they hope, will take the market by storm.

At present they have various flavors including lavender-honey and black sesame with miso caramel.

They hope to get permission to distribute their ice cream in hospitals, medical facilities, and other dispensaries. It’s currently in talks with four Boston-area dispensaries and two delivery services.

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