5 Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy on Today’s Discount

Blue-chips are safe, stable, and have a nice yield. Right now, you can get them at a nice discount…

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All investors have heard of so-called blue-chip stocks at one time or another. Readers likely remember learning of them as one of the first terms in their stock market education. Blue-chips are well regarded for their stability and financially sound operations.

They are also large, well-established businesses with household names — the makers of the items in your kitchen cabinet and the retailer where you bought them. These stocks also tend to weather the economic conditions and operate well in the toughest of times, i.e., now. 

Yet there is no hard and fast definition of what makes a blue-chip stock. Large cap and able to pay a dividend is a reasonable start, but they are also high quality and high value.

Investors, in short, expect these stocks to be big, strong, stable companies that are the best of the best. Prices tend to be stable and dividends are a big part of their appeal. These stocks can prove a bulwark against turbulence and usually provide dividend income by and large.

Those looking to buy should try and get them on a discount if at all possible. Price appreciation is not these stocks’ strong point, so any price dip helps.  Here is a list of such stocks to consider buying on a discount…

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Radical new battery could dismantle $75 TRILLION oil markets

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In fact, it’s proven to be such a game-changing force that some of the most powerful oil and gas corporations in the world are terrified of this breakthrough and what it’s going to do to disrupt their industry.

To them, the writing is on the wall.

It’s either embrace this new technology or become obsolete.

The U.S. Department of Energy has already classified this innovation as a “critical need” for the mass adoption of electric vehicles — as it finally promises to dramatically reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

At the heart of this revolution, one tiny company — less than 1/1000th the size of General Motors — is gearing up to drive the commercialization of this technology…

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Editor, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities