5 Biggest Winners from Apple’s New iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone intro will boost the stocks of these 5G companies…

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What was once one of the tech world’s Grand Slam events, this year’s Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) reveal left investors looking if they miss any significant surprises. While the introduction of the 5G iPhone 12 was a widely anticipated online event, AAPL stock is down almost 6% since the Oct. 13 virtual event in the absence of anything even closely resembling “blockbuster.”

But don’t let the frosty investor reception fool you. Apple’s first 5G smartphone will change how we interact with the broader web.

It’s easy to forget that 3G download speeds in 2007 (when Apple launched the first iPhone) averaged just 0.1 Mbps, barely fast enough for music. Fast forward just over a decade. Today, 4G speeds have opened the door for not only audio but high-def video streaming, online gaming, and even online dating. It’s enabled companies like Spotify, Netflix and TikTok to grow into multi-billion-dollar businesses.

Launching a Cascade of Investment Winners

5G will take that a step further. Not only will the new technology enable faster downloads. It will also cut latency — the time it takes for a network to respond to your phone. Real-time translation, augmented reality, and other complex tasks will suddenly become possible, since 5G will allow phones to offload those tasks to more powerful offsite servers.

These changes, however, won’t happen all at once. 4G network speeds took almost a decade to reach current rates, and the first 5G generation won’t be much faster than existing technologies. (Remember that 4G and 5G are just classifications for types of wireless technologies, not a reference to a specific product).

And that means investors shouldn’t immediately bet on your phone doing robotic brain surgery or driving your car next year. Instead, Apple’s iPhone 12 will launch a cascade of investment winners, starting with manufacturers today and ending with software makers about 3-10 years later.

In other words, the next generation of TikTok might still be a decade away while 5G technologies improve.

Meanwhile, here are five companies that stand to benefit today…

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