3 Tech Stocks to Beat the Market

Tech is booming, but not all tech is the same…

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Today our colleagues at St. Paul Research join us to give a fresh new look at the tech market.

As we’ve talked about over the last couple weeks, tech stocks are by far your best bet to beat the markets in 2020.

But which ones will outshine the rest?

Jonathan Rodriguez, senior analyst at St. Paul Research, is here to give you the answer.

He has three tech stocks whose shares you’ll definitely want to consider adding to your account for the long term right now.

Click the video below to see what he has to say.

Editor's Note: Click here to see the video.

Apple Quietly Planning To Kick Off a $260 Billion Revolution?

Dear Reader,

If you’re invested in any 5G stocks right now…

Or if you’ve ever even considered investing in 5G…

You should know that Apple’s working on a project that could be far bigger than the iPhone.

And investors who act now could have a real shot at life–changing profits from this coming $260 billion revolution.

First, you need to know what’s expected to take place on July 28.

That’s when my colleague predicts a shocking announcement could be the beginning of Apple’s next tech revolution…

It all has to do with the patent you see here:

Don’t wait — you only have a few days left to prepare…

Click here for the urgent details.

Matt Insley
Publisher, St. Paul Research

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