3 Sin Stocks to Buy Now for Heavenly Returns

These sin stocks that deserve long-term investors’ attention…

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This is no ordinary year. Analysts are debating potential effects of a second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic on our economy. If you’re worried about recession-proofing your portfolio to protect from another economic slowdown, one possibility are sin stocks.

This niche part of Wall Street typically refers to shares in the gambling, tobacco, cannabis and alcohol industries that are seen as relatively recession-proof.

Recent research by Stefano Colonnello of Goethe University highlights that “investments in companies involved in activities commonly perceived as sinful … are, on average, more profitable than investments in companies of comparable size but operating in sectors that are not considered sinful. … With a lower demand for sin stocks, investments in boycotted companies carry higher risk and, therefore, higher return (‘sin premium’).”

As we enter a new earnings season, volatility has once again increased in broader markets. And market participants are looking for industries that may do well in the coming months. Revenues tend to be more stable for sin companies since their businesses are considered to be recession-proof. You can do this by picking individual stocks or an exchange-traded fund.

I have chosen one sin stock or ETF from the gaming, cannabis, and alcohol industries that may be able to offer heavenly returns in the rest of the year…

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“Think Tank” Uncovers Next Generation Smartphone

There’s almost no better way to accumulate massive wealth than investing in the right tech stock at the right time.

Take Google. Over the years it handed early investors over 2,000% gains….

Over the long term, Netflix saw over 30,000% gains…

And over time, Amazon delivered early investors a whopping 100,000%.

These are some of the most life-changing returns the market has ever delivered.

And would you believe it if I told you that one of the world’s premier financial research “think tanks,” called InvestorPlace, found these companies when they were trading for peanuts? It’s true.

In fact, those are just a few of dozens of InvestorPlace’s 1,000%-plus recommendations since we opened our doors over 45 years ago in 1974.

But I’m not here to take a victory lap.

Rather, I want to tell you about our next potential 1,000%-plus tech stock.

It’s a company that’s completely off-the-radar from the mainstream investment world and is set to disrupt the gigantic smartphone industry.

This company has over 5,000 patents on a revolutionary technology that’s going to completely change the smartphone and how we all use our “favorite” device.

In fact, it’s already inked deals with Samsung, Apple, and LG.

The big players are pouring billions into this company.

This is your chance to get in early on what could prove to be a very special investment recommendation.

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Matt McCall

Senior Investment Strategist, InvestorPlace