3 Hottest Stocks to Buy Before Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but these 3 hot stocks are STILL undervalued…

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The U.S. is bracing to receive the first doses of Pfizer’s (NYSE:PFEnovel coronavirus vaccine today. The Food and Drug Administration finally approved it for use in record time even though it felt like it took forever. The U.K. already beat us to it and the rest of the world is sure to follow. This should help businesses in due time. The vaccine my help people quickly, but it will take months for it to start healing the economies. The rates of infection are scaring governments into tight rules. I live in California and our governor locked us down and even instituted a curfew. Despite these challenges there still are good stocks to buy going into 2021.

There are better times ahead and that’s how Wall Street sees it. How else could we explain how indices are making record highs every week? The faith that investors have in the Fed is winning over every other worry for now. Right or wrong, it’s doing the trick. The U.S. government has flooded the system with cash to prop up the economy. They are still trying for more because every one is calling for another stimulus for about $1 trillion.

These are astonishing numbers and quite frankly scare me. The bailout from the greatest financial crash in 2008 known as TARP was only $700. It ended up being $200 billion less, and it also turned a huge profit for the government. This time it’s different and a complete experiment. For now and for the purposes of stock prices, the bulls are in complete control. Consequently today we can discuss three stocks to buy that should have bounces in their near futures.

They are…

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Well, blockchain technology — which is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies — is becoming a bigger part of our lives with each passing day.

Charlie and I both believe blockchain is about to hit a major inflection point…

And that the small blockchain companies who are addressing major needs in the world are going to absolutely soar.

In fact, we just found four altcoins that are poised for a major breakout.

We predict these four altcoins will blow past the coveted 1,000% mark over the next 12 to 24 months.

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Matt McCall
Senior Investment Strategist, InvestorPlace

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