3 Dividend Stocks to Lead the Post-Coronavirus Recovery

Here’s why tech is the best place to find safe dividend plays…

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The Federal Reserve's recent decision to push interest all the way to zero has millions of investors scrambling.

Clearly, now is not a good time to be buying bonds for retirement income alone. Their rates have also plummeted.

That leaves many investors looking for good dividend yields at a time when the economy is weakening.

You need look no further than tech.

The sector has quietly come to dominate corporate balance sheets in terms of cash on hand. That means two things.

First, tech is a great place to find yields. Second, these cash-rich firms are least likely to cut their dividends in a recession.

Indeed, nine tech companies in the S&P 500 alone hold more than $350 billion in net cash.

And these three dividend stocks currently offer the safest yields in Silicon Valley…

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