3 Cannabis Stocks For The Budding Rebound

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With the Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSEARCA:MJ) up more than 50% from its lows it is beginning to look like a major reversal is underway in the cannabis market. Not only are overcapacity and oversupply issues coming into alignment, but the Canadian cannabis producers are also in the best shape they’ve been in since pre-legalization. Add in the fact that Canada’s addressable market is slowly growing, and that expansion into the U.S. is closer than ever, and the stage is set for a multi-year rally in this market. But I wouldn’t buy the Alternative Harvest ETF, I’d buy these instead.

Canopy Growth Corporation Is The Biggest, And Best

Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ:CGC) is Canada’s largest cannabis producer by revenue with operations in Canada, the U.S., and internationally. It is also the single largest holding of the Alternative Harvest ETF so you get a lot of the same exposure anyway. And more concentrated into the industry’s largest and most successful operator.

Over the past two quarters, Canopy Growth Corporation’s metrics have improved along with revenue growth. The company has been trimming excesses within the operation and clearing up the balance sheet with the goal of profitability in mind. Based on the most recent report it looks like the company could deliver positive EBITDA margins in mid to late calendar 2021 and a full year ahead of schedule.

Cresco Labs For U.S. Exposure

While Canopy Growth Corporation and other Canadian producers prepare for the passing of Federal legalization in the U.S., Cresco Labs (OTCMKTS:CRLBF) is quietly building an empire in the U.S. Cresco Labs is a Chicago-based U.S. multi-state operator. The company has production, processing, and dispensaries in 8 states including the U.S. largest market, California. Over the course of the past two quarters, this company has not only improved its operations via leveraging capacity, organic growth, and expanding footprint but it has turned a profit. That’s right, a cannabis company that makes money.

“Cresco Labs entered the third quarter firing on all cylinders achieving record levels of revenue, profitability, and cash flow. We remain the number one operator in the industry focused on, and delivering results in, the wholesale distribution of branded products. Our retail is outperforming, and we are generating substantial operating leverage,” said Charles Bachtell, Co-founder and CEO of Cresco Labs.

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