3 Big Picture Predictions for the Stock Market in 2021

Two things will create a decade of hypergrowth like we’ve never seen before…

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Welcome to the new year, folks. Hopefully it’s a better one than last year. Indeed, if you read the previous Hypergrowth Investing issue on Wednesday, then you know that I am abundantly optimistic about what 2021 has to bring.

As a country, our brightest eras have consistently been preceded by our darkest eras.

The Roaring Twenties was preceded by World War I and the Spanish Flu. The Golden Age of Capitalism in the 1950s was preceded by World War II. The 1980s global economic expansion was preceded by a decade of crippling stagflation.

Oftentimes, we find that crisis first scares people, then frustrates them, and then brings them together. Crisis is the impetus for humans to get uncomfortable, which sparks them to change, which sparks them to progress, and which ultimately helps them create a better tomorrow.

After all, as the old saying goes… it’s often darkest just before dawn.

And… as another old saying goes… history often repeats itself.

History will repeat itself over the next decade.

2020 was arguably one of the darkest eras in U.S. history. A global pandemic shut down the entire economy, kept families from seeing one another, and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, while the country became about as divided as ever over sociopolitical issues.

It wasn’t a pretty year.

But in its wake, society has an opportunity to create a better tomorrow… and that’s exactly what we will do, because it is what we have done, time and time again, since the dawn of man.

This time will be slightly different, though… Story continues here.


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