3 Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Today

With yields high, now is the perfect time to start dividend investing – if you know where to look…

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Finding reliable high-yield dividend stocks has been harder than ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

While stocks have staged an impressive rally this summer, that's only hurt yields.

That's normally a good problem to have, but many companies are cutting or reducing dividends to conserve cash and protect their balance sheets. That's made earning income from stocks that much harder.

And if Congress doesn't come up with some sort of stimulus plans, many of those collecting the extended unemployment benefits will struggle to pay rent, which will cause more dividend disruptions in some industries.

That's just how it works.

So, what is an investor looking for passive income to do?

The key to successful income investing during confusing times like these is to ignore the bells and whistles. You can ignore the junk bond funds promising over-the-moon yields or distressed companies hoping to lure in investors with an unsustainable payout.

We need to look for dividend-paying companies with common sense businesses that have staying power. The key to a reliable dividend stock is the business behind it. Without consistent cash flowing in, there won't be any left to pay shareholders.

And while few companies have been immune to the economic downturn, there are ways to find dividend stocks that are less likely to see dividends slashed. Focus on dividend payers that have recent buying activity by corporate insiders. Officers and directors won't be buying shares of stock if they know the dividend is unsustainable.

To help you add income to your portfolio at a time when it seems nearly impossible, I've researched the companies that best fit this criteria. That means zeroing in on must-have industries, searching corporate balance sheets to find solid companies, and looking for insider buying.

That's given me three of the best high-yield stocks you can be comfortable adding to your portfolio right now…

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