16 Stocks to Watch for a Biden Boom

Biden is planning to invoke the Defense Production Act, giving these 16 stocks real upside potential…

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As President Joe Biden embarks on his first full day in office, he has a long to-do list. One of those pressing items is invoking the Defense Production Act as part of a new national Covid-19 response. Beyond sparking hope for a quicker end to the pandemic, such a move carries real potential for a handful of equities. So what do you need to know now? And what are these winning Biden stocks?

It is not clear when or how Biden will use the Defense Production Act, a means of mobilizing companies and ramping up production. However, his Covid-19 supply coordinator Tim Manning has identified 12 areas of supply that are struggling. These include isolation gowns, globes, test swabs and the infamous n95 masks.

Additionally, we know that Biden is signing a host of other executive orders to address Covid-19. Previously, much of the national response left power with the states. Now, Biden wants to centralize the strategy and use federal resources, such as through having FEMA and the National Guard build coronavirus testing clinics. He will also implement new mask mandates for planes and buses, and encourage new clinical studies to identify treatments…

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