10 Micro-Cap Stocks to Buy Today for Value and Growth

To find the next Apple or Amazon, you have to look at microcaps…

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The iShares Micro-Cap ETF (NYSEARCA:IWC) is the largest U.S.-listed exchange-traded fund that invests exclusively in micro-cap stocks. It’s invested $701 million in 1,272 companies with market capitalizations ranging from as low as $4 million to as high as $4.6 billion.

IWF tracks the performance of the Russell Microcap Index, which is comprised of the 1,000 smallest stocks in the Russell 3000, plus the next 1,000 smallest stocks in the universe of U.S.-listed equities. For this article, I’ll be suggesting 10 micro-cap stocks with market caps between $50 million and $300 million, based on the traditional definition of micro-cap.

Why invest in stocks this small?

Well, for starters, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was once a micro-cap. A $10,000 investment in Apple when it went public in December 1980 would be worth approximately $9.3 million today.

Sometimes small businesses turn into large ones. That said, I wouldn’t invest thinking you’re getting the next tech superstar. Instead, it’s a reminder of what can happen if you have a long-term perspective and remain patient.

Investors looking for value and growth should seriously consider these 10 micro-cap stocks to buy…

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Why did this legendary investor grind a $900 smartphone into dust?

Dear Reader,

You’ve got to watch this

In this video, legendary stock picker Matt McCall puts a brand-new $900 iPhone in a blender.

Why would he do such a thing?

Why would Matt grind today’s most sophisticated piece of smartphone technology into dust?

As he explains… he wanted to make a point.

The big message Matt was trying to convey is… ALL current-generation smartphones will soon be obsolete…

A new cutting-edge phone is being developed that will make even the most popular phones on the market look and feel like technological dinosaurs.

In fact, this device is so revolutionary our concept of a “phone” is about to change in an even more radical way than ever before.

Over the years, we’ve watched as the phone evolved from a landline to a cellphone to a smartphone…

And now the next big evolution… the next generation in phone technology… is here.

And this time, the disruption is going to be much, much bigger.

Matt was lucky enough to get his hands on an early prototype of this new phone so he could show you himself what it’s capable of.

It’s simply incredible.

It’s going to change the world.

And you can be among the first to see what it’s all about.