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Yes, “Biden Bucks” Are Real

BY JIM RICKARDS I told my readers several weeks ago about how Joe Biden and the Fed’s plan to develop the digital dollar is moving from the research stage to the development stage. Well, the Biden administration has recently...


Not a Recession, But a Depression

BY JIM RICKARDS All the talk right now is about recession. Are we in one right now? The spinmeisters in the Biden administration and the media are of course trying to redefine a recession in an attempt to get ahead of the...


The China-Taiwan Conflict

BY JIM RICKARDS A critical hotspot engaging strategic thinkers today is the potential for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Of course, China has the world’s largest population, the world’s second-largest economy, and the world’s...

Investor Strategy

The Fed vs. the Economy

BY JIM RICKARDS Right now, it’s basically a case of the Fed versus the economy. You might say, “Wait a second. Isn’t the Fed supposed to help the economy?” Well, not exactly. They may want to help the economy, but helping the...

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